Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sharp 9.00 am we start our listening test,,,
It is held at LT1,,,
We seat in a group of a class,,,
But I feel confused because the lecturer set up the examination seats too close with each others and we all can see other person answers..hehe :)
But, I do not copy other person answer!!
There is some other person who is captured by lecturer because she was copy other person answers..
It’s very as we focusing at the recording voice to answer the question that is provided,,,
Listening test have three section that is A, B and C,,,
All section have 5 question,,,
3 objective and 2 fill in the blank,,,
It’s about half hour the test to be finish,,,
Sometimes I’m wondering what is the purpose of listening test,,,
Then I realize one thing,,,
People from the beginning learn by listening to other,,,
Listen how they pronunciation the word correctly and correct the wrong pronunciation,,
Catch up the word that may be the important topic,,,
Understanding by relate it with the example and the first point view,,,
Try to get as many information as you could,,,
The important tips to score this paper is read the question paper first,,,
Listen to the main point question ask and list some answer,,,
At the second time the recording is playing tick or choose the best answer,,,
During the listening test, I feel very sleepy and I was nearly to fall a sleep because the recording voice was so soft..

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