Monday, March 14, 2011


          " Vandalism comes naturally from our soul". These words come from a teenage boy and his friends who lax in drawing graffiti on the wall of a building. Teenage boys said that this work is a piece of art where they often did this to express their feelings or thoughts about certain things in our life. Furthermore, he said that they also draw the graffiti whenever they feel like doing it. This type of vandalism does not only involve teenagers but also adults. (HOOK) However, these teens do not know that they have vandalized the image of the building as well as the environment.(TRANSITION) Vandalism can be prevented if the government creates a law that severely restricts vandals in destroying the environment, giving motivational talk as well as giving punishment by doing community service.(THESIS STATEMENT)

       One of the major effective ways in preventing teenagers from vandalism is government should create a law that severely restricts vandals in destroying the environment.The new law should provide heavier fines and sentences for vandals who found guilty in doing it. However, habitual vandals should be given imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. Therefore, the incidence of vandalism can be reduced at all places.

        Another way in preventing teenagers from doing vandalism is by giving motivational talk. Motivational talk can be given through education and campaign such as ' Anti-Vandalism Campaign'. We can give motivational talks to the teenagers about the scope of vandalism as well as its consequences. Thus, motivational talks can help teenagers realise that vandalism is wrong by any reasons.

        Last but not least, the ways in preventing teenagers from vandalism is giving punishment by doing community services. Punishment can be given to the vandals by doing 100 hour community services such as cleaning public toilets under the surveillance of police officers and community residents. However, this type of punishment depends on whether the teen is acting on impulse or a group of gangsters with long record. As a result, this will ensure that teenagers will overcome the problem.

       In conclusion, vandalism is bad, costs money, and it frightens all people when it gets too extreme. Therefore, these preventive measures should be taken into considerations to reduce vandalism in the future.

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